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A musical cardboard robot actor

A guide to engineer a moving and musical robot made of cardboard and a couple of arduinos.

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Additional Info

  • What you will learn:
    • ScienceThe student learns about material recycling

    • Engineering: Mechanical engineering, programming

    • Technology: 3D-modelling and printing, basic electricity and electronics. 

  • Expected Time:


  • Materials & Recycled Materials:
    • Different size cardboard (3 boxes of around 30 x 30 cm)
    • Cardboard or plastic pipe (D=20-30mm)
    • Face mask string
    • Tape, hot glue, permanent marker and scissors
    • 6 servomotors nano-size
    • Arduino Servo Shield
    • 5V 1.5A power supply
    • 2 m electric wire 1 mm2
    • 1 m wire organizer cover
    • Additional for further step:
    • Arduino Uno 
    • Seeed Grove IR-movement sensor
    • Velleman 1W audio amplifier
    • 80hm speaker
    • 10kohm log potentiometer
  • Guide:
    • 1. Plant the Arduino Uno inside the bigger cardboard box
    • 2. Cut two side holes in the cardboard box for arms and hot-glue two servomotors inside.
    • 3. Cut another hole for the robot head and hot-glue another servomotor for it inside.
    • 4. Choose two servoaxes to hot-glue arms cut from cardboard. Screw the arms to the servomotors once the glue is hard.
    • 5. Hot-glue the round servoaxis inside the neck pipe. Screw the neck to the head servomotor. Leave enough space in the neck pipe for the wires to go through.
    • 6. Cut servomotor holes in the headbox for the mouth and eyebrows. Hot-glue mask string to the headbox and servoaxis to form the mouth and eyebrows.
    • 7. Hot-glue a servomotor for head nodding to the neck pipe. Glue the headbox to the servoaxis.
    • 8. Connect the servomotors to Arduino’s corresponding connectors. Connect the servomotors and Arduino’s usage voltages together and wire all of them to the 5VDC power supply.
    • 9. Transfer the downloaded program to the Arduino and test the movements.
  • Further Steps:
    • Try adding musical feature to the robot using the additional parts in brackets.
  • Software used in the project:
    • - Solidworks
    • - Ultimaker Cura
    • - Eagle.
  • Difficulty level: Medium
  • Developed By: Salpaus


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