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An easy and accurate way to measure boinling points of liquids

Additional Info

  • What you will learn:
    • Science: techniques to handle labratory equipment and understanding of phases
  • Expected Time:

    Less 5 hours

  • Materials & Recycled Materials:
    • - Heatingplate with stirring (or stove)

    • - Beaker (or small pot)

    • - Magnetic stir bar (or someting to stir with, i.e a small spoon with long handle)

    • - 1 testtube

    • - 1 capilary tube

    • - A small part of a paper clip

    • - Thermometer

    • - Kork with hole for the thermometer

    • - Lab stand

    • - Utility clamp

    • - Liquid that you want to measure boiling point of, in this case, ethanol

  • Guide:
    • 1. Fill the beaker with water and put the magnetic stirer bar in. Assemble the thermometer in the kork.

    • 2. Put the capilarytube upside-down inside of the test tube. Put ethanol and the small part a the paperclip in the test tube. Put the kork on the test tube. Assemble in the labstand so that it stand securely and fasten the testtube to it.

    • 3. Start the heating and stirring. When you see a lot of bubbles comming out of the capiliary tube, it has been filled with ethanol gas. Take everything away from the heat. When it looks like the ethanol is beeing "sucked into" the capilary tube note the temperature. Thats the boilingpoint.
  • Further Steps:
    • You can also measure the boilingpoint of any liquid with this method, but if you expect the result to be greater than 98 degrees then you should switch water to some kind of cooking oil. Be careful!
    • You should be able so automize the temperature readig by using a IR sensor that can detect when the ethanol condenses iside of the smaller test tube.
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Developed By: GTC - SW


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