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Are you able to split water into oxygen and hydrogen?

Electrolysis of water is a highly efficient and cost-effective way to produce hydrogen gas, which can be used as a clean and renewable energy source. The process involves passing an electrical current through water, causing it to break down into hydrogen and oxygen. This laboration aims to test this process

Additional Info

  • What you will learn:
    • Science:
    • - how to set up a simple electrolysis.
    • - reactions that occurs on the anode and cathode.
    • - By testing different electrolytes you can study different outcomes and discuss chemical bonding
  • Expected Time:

    2 h

  • Materials & Recycled Materials:
    • - Plastic container (recycled)

    • - Carbon anodes, preferably graphite from old pencils or batterys. (recycled) 

    • - Hot glue or “tack-it”

    •  - 2 Small test tubes 

    • - Power supply or a 9V battery (It takes longer with a 9 V battery, but it works). 

    • - Destilled water

    • - Sodiumsulfate
  • Guide:
    • Make holes in the bottom of the plastic container so that the electrodes fit snuggly. The electrodes should go through the bottom so that it can be connected to the power supply. Seal with “tack-it” or hot glue. Fill with water and some small amount of electrolyte. Fill test tubes with water and place upside down over each electrode. Connect electrodes to power supply and put power on. Watch test tubes fill with gas.

      • - Write the reaction formulas for each electrode. Why is this the reactions?
      • - Does the oxidation occur at the anode or the cathode?
      • - Why do we need the sodium sulfate?
      • - How does the current travel in the electrolyte? Draw picture.
  • Further Steps:

    What happens when we change electrolytes? What reactions will occur then? How can you test it?

    Examples of electrolytes:

    • - Hydrochloric acid
    • - Copper chloride
    • - Sodium cloride
  • Difficulty level: Easy
  • Developed By: GTC - SW


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