The aim of this practice is to learn which are the main parts of a drone, designing and printing some of these pieces and programming the device to fly.

Additional Info

  • Period of implementation: 20 Hours
  • Country where the practice was developed : Spain
  • Provider of the practice : Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri - Derio
  • Targetg group: 16-17 y.o. students 4-5 EQF level
  • How to implement the practice :

    This practice is carried out in several phases. First, some actions are carried out to learn about drones and their uses. The second phase is the design of one piece for the device. Then this piece is printed with 3D printers. And finally, the drone is programmed for flight.

  • Prerequisite knowledge:

    Specific vocabulary and the use of designing and programming softwares

  • Main learning outcomes from the practice :

    Implement solutions to a given technological problem applying technical knowledge to solve the problem. Increase its efficiency, also taking into account environmental and social factors

  • Needed/Suggested digital tools:
    • - OnShape
    • - Ardupilot
    • - Cura
    • - Qground Control
  • The practice was carried: : In Classroom or Lab
  • Critical points to shift towards STEM learning and solutions:

    Changing to Stem learning is getting out of our confort zone, teacher is not “person who knows everything” anymore. Every teacher needed to adapt and accept a knew rol

  • Positive aspects of participatory learning :

    Students get to generate their own questions and solve them among themselves. They learn to help, to let others help them, and they go much further in their learning proccess..

  • Negative aspects of participatory learning:

    Students are no used to regulating theirselves and they feel it´s a very difficult project at first.

  • Included green education (if any):
    • - Reusing and recycling.
    • - Circular economy
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