Younger students design a chess game which need to be manufactured in different processes, and older students choose the best ones and print or fabric them.

Additional Info

  • Period of implementation: 20 Hours
  • Country where the practice was developed : Spain
  • Provider of the practice : Politeknika Ikastegia Txorierri - Derio
  • Targetg group: 4-5 EQF level
  • How to implement the practice :

    The practice has two different parts : design and manufacturing.

    The first part is for younger students, they are asked to design a chess game with specific conditions (materials, type of manufacturing, machines used for manufacturing it, etc.). Once they have designed the game, students from other levels choose the best games from each manufacturing proccess and adapt them for the manufacture.

  • Prerequisite knowledge:

    Technical drawing and manufacturing processes

  • Main learning outcomes from the practice :

    Implement solutions to a given technological problem, applying scientific law and technical knowledge, and analyse the behaviour of materials, agents, machines and technological systems, in order to solve the problem and increase its efficiency, also taking into account environmental and social factors.

  • Needed/Suggested digital tools:
    • - OnShape
    • - Cura
  • The practice was carried: : In Classroom or Lab
  • Critical points to shift towards STEM learning and solutions:

    A high degree of students´ autonomy is necessary. At the beggining teachers need to be careful and help some students.

  • Positive aspects of participatory learning :

    Students know other students, older/younger ones, and other ways of working together. In fact, they can develop important comunication skills and learn from each other.

  • Included green education (if any):
    • - Responsible use of materials
    • - Waste management
    • - Energy efficiency
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