Student pairs/small groups worked on the mechanical design, 3D-modelling and technical drawings for the creation of a mechanical device/machine using cloud storage to keep cooperation during pandemic lockdowns.

Additional Info

  • Period of implementation: 36 Hours
  • Country where the practice was developed : Finland
  • Provider of the practice : Salpaus Further Education - Lathi
  • Targetg group: EQF level 5
  • How to implement the practice :

    Teacher gives the student groups a  photo and description of a medium to complicated mechanical device/machine such us an hydraulic scissor lift table or the front axis suspension system of a car. Students begin by 3D-modelling parts and sharing the 3D--files on a cloud storage, where the colleage can use  or modify them. Teacher supervises the process via the online files and often leaves comments on the files.pdf or other for the students guidance. Finally the full technical documentation is required.

  • Prerequisite knowledge:

    In addition to having a deep understandig of the 3D-modelling programs, the teacher has to learn the correct use of the selected cloud storage and be able to solve personally/with IT-support common errors and difficulties of the cloud service.

  • Main learning outcomes from the practice :

    The students get team working experience as well as learning to use nowadays sharing technologies.

  • Needed/Suggested digital tools:
    • - Mechanical 3D-modelling program.
    • - Cloud storage service.
    • - Online meeting program
  • The practice was carried: : On-line
  • Critical points to shift towards STEM learning and solutions:

    Nowadays there are several online working programs, but most of us don’t know how to exploit them best. This practice intends to make the online working familiar to students.

  • Positive aspects of participatory learning :

    Students develop cloud-storage skills. Teamwork is then optimized and in most cases sped up.

  • Negative aspects of participatory learning:

    The cloud storage used in this practice, Onedrive uses Microsoft account. Teacher’s account didn’t work for several months.

  • Included green education (if any):

    Thanks to online sharing, multiple displays used by the students and teachers projector printing to paper never happened.

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