The students are introduced through lectures and  studies visit how product development and recycling work. After this introdution they are then task to come up with thier own solution on everyday recycling problem and also a design solution.

Additional Info

  • Period of implementation: 32 Hours
  • Country where the practice was developed : Sweden
  • Provider of the practice : Göteborg Tekniska College
  • Targetg group: EQF 4 level
  • How to implement the practice :

    The project is implemented in two phases. First one is an introduction from experts in the fields of recycling, energy and product development. This is done to give the students inspiration and information how processes work. Second phase is for students to come up with an idea for better waste managment and then create a prototype or model of their idea. When they are done their projects will be judge by a jury.

  • Prerequisite knowledge:


    • - Development process
    • - Sketching technique
    • - 3D modelling
    • - Collection of data.

    Students: Some knowledge of 3D modelling

  • Main learning outcomes from the practice :
    •  - Development processes of techichal products.
    • - Collecting of reliable data and some data analyse.
    • - Work with a project in a group setting.
    • - Work with some sustainainable development.
    • - Some discussion about energy management.
  • Needed/Suggested digital tools:

    Some 3D modelling software

  • The practice was carried: : In Classroom or Lab
  • Critical points to shift towards STEM learning and solutions:

    Working with simple design calculations. Do some basic statistical on a survey.  If the students aren’t familiar with creating a survey it’s good to include some lecture how that is done

  • Positive aspects of participatory learning :

    Product development and enviormental work in a context.

  • Included green education (if any):
    • - Life cycle analysis
    • - Economy of recycling
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