The students mix red cabbage to get an indication fluid of basic and sour proportes of household fluids

Additional Info

  • Period of implementation: 3 Hours
  • Country where the practice was developed : Sweden
  • Provider of the practice : Göteborg Tekniska College
  • Targetg group: EQF 4 level
  • How to implement the practice :

    The student will make a homemade indication fluid made by red cabbage. The students can then examine the proportes of househould iteams

  • Prerequisite knowledge:

    Basic chemistry.

  • Main learning outcomes from the practice :
    • - Knowledge about sour and basic fluids.
    • - Basic chemistry.
  • Needed/Suggested digital tools:

    Non or teams.

  • The practice was carried: : On-line
  • Critical points to shift towards STEM learning and solutions:

    It will be critical for the students to have a basic understanding about the principals of physical world. Teachers will need to tune into the students needs.

  • Positive aspects of participatory learning :

    The studens get knowledge in chemistry.

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